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Any facility that stores extremely hazardous substances or hazardous chemicals at their facility in excess of the threshold planning quantity may be subject to the reporting requirements under the federal and state Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act. EHS chemical are those listed in 40 CFR part 355. A complete listing of EHS Chemicals can be found in the Title III Consolidated List of Lists. Hazardous chemicals are defined as chemicals that are not extremely hazardous and which a facility is required to have and maintain a safety data sheet for that chemical under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

TIER II ONLINE is not responsible for supplying your data to the correct agencies.  That is your responsibility. Tier II Online is only a software tool that allows you to maintain your facility and chemical data information and print out reports to be submitted to proper channels. We will not report on your behalf or report your information to anyone. You must report your information to the proper channels. 

Tier II Online ( is not affiliated with the State. We are an alternative, third party online software company allowing you to easily store and organize your reporting data online, via standard web browser, and then print out your reports to mail or email to State, County, Fire authorities. You can also export your facility data to the standard EPA Tier 2 Submit data format and submit to the State in that format as well. It is your responsiblity to make sure you submit your Tier 2 information in a timely manner and in the correct format to those required. We DO NOT submit your Tier 2 information for you. We are not responsible for any submission of your Tier 2 information. We are only the software provider to manage your Facility data online.