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How do I print out a paper copy of my Tier II?

You can create a hard copy by clicking on the Generate PDF icon under the report column where you see the facilities listed. If you have more than one facility, you may also click on Generate PDF for all Facilities link above the facilities list.

After printing out my Tier II, I noticed a couple of errors. Can I go back into the system and change my information and then print another hard copy?

Yes. You can make changes and generate your Tier II form as many times as necessary. If you already submitted an annual report and are making updates, go to the facility page and make the submission a "revision" submission.

What if I just want a copy of the last Tier 2 form that was submitted?

Click on generate pdf and print the report.

Does this website submit my Tier 2 information to State and local authorities?

No. You are responsible for reporting to the correct State department, local authorities, etc, as required. This website is only for storing and organizing your Tier 2 reporting information. You can easily generate a report in PDF format which can be printed, signed, and mailed to anyone required. Or you can email the attached PDF if they'll accept email submissions. If your State requires electronic submission of Tier 2 Submit files, see instructions below.

What if my State says they only accept EPA's Tier 2 Submit Software files?

Our web software exports the same format .T2S files the State requires. When you are ready to submit your data to the State, you can export the facility data into the Tier 2 Submit format. Do this by clicking on the Export T2S File under report section for each facility you want to export/submit. You can find this link in the same section with the view/print PDF link. Export your facility file/download to your computer, then you can send that facility .zip file to your State in the very same format they require. Do these steps for each facility you want to report.